Tonerna – Visions
The Songs – Music


The collaboration of Swedish historian Erik Gustaf Geijer (1783-1847), who wrote the lyrics, and Carl Sjöberg (1861 – 1900), Swedish medical doctor and a self-taught composer, is best known for the song Tonerna (1894) made famous by Swedish tenor Jussie Björling. This arrangement for male chorus by Alberto Bimboni includes an English text by Helen Kaminski.

Dark are the sorrows that come by night
Dreams seek for music to bring release;
Day dawns with sorrow, with sorrow that dims its light.
Day seeks for music for song bringing peace

Songs bring a promise of sweet content,
Hope brightens the sad heart while tones ring with mirth
Songs bring a vision, a vision that’s heaven-sent,
Love sings in rapture as life thrills the earth.

You probably don’t want to use the “closer to the literal but stilted” meaning which follows:

The mind whose conflicts/struggle discords/ strifes that
Songs/music that asks for rest with you,
The heart, which suffers, from the furor of day
Songs/music to you will fly.