What is
the Pacific Coast
Norwegian Singers Association?

Et syngende folk,
et lykkelig folk

A singing people,
a happy people

— Motto of the
Norwegian Singers Association


Other Norwegian Singing Associations:

Norwegian Singers’
Association of America

Nordic Singers’ Association
(Nordisk Sangerforbund)


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The beauty and grandeur of Norway — with her lofty mountains, deep blue fjords, and wooded valleys — have inspired such masters as Grieg, Bull, Sinding, Paulsen, Kjerulf, and many others to express themselves in song and music. They contributed compositions of lasting beauty that rightfully belong among the finest the world has produced. 

Since the time of the Vikings, singing has been considered a national heritage of the Norwegian people. Male choruses have an important place in the musical life of the nation, and in virtually every town and village in Norway, there is a singing society.

In America, as in Norway, the characteristic Norwegian love of singing and the ability to organize has manifested itself. This has forged a strong link in the bond among those of Norwegian birth, ancestry, and affiliation with the homeland.

Norwegian singing societies have existed on the West Coast since 1878.

The Pacific Coast Norwegian Singers Association was organized in Seattle, Washington, in 1902. Officers

The first Sangerfest was held in Everett, Washington, in 1903. Since then, Sangerefests have been celebrated in principal cities of California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

You may also be interested in the Norwegian Singers Association of America, with men’s choruses in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

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