Everett Norwegian Male Chorus
Everett, WA

The foundation for the Everett Norwegian Male Chorus was laid with the creation of youth societies on the West Coast by the Norwegian Church in San Francisco in the 1870s. The church sent ministers with choral training to settlements along the coast, recruiting members among the settlers’ children. These, together with new arrivals from the Midwest and Norway, later established the “Norske Forening” (Norwegian Society) of Everett at the turn of the century.

When, in 1901, the Norwegian Society of Everett failed to gain membership in the Sons of Norway organization of Minnesota as a result of its remote location, nine of its members came together on August 5, 1901, and established the Everett Norwegian Male Chorus.

An early aim of Everett Norwegian Male Chorus was to join other choruses on the West Coast in forming the Pacific Coast Norwegian Singing Association on August 20, 1902.

The Norwegian Society of Everett lived on, and eventually became a member of the Sons of Norway under the name, Normanna Lodge #3 in 1911. The Lodge, which provides a home for the chorus, has had a good and fruitful relationship with the singers, a tradition the chorus certainly appreciates and intended to nurture.

The Everett Norwegian Male Chorus was created to uphold Nordic culture mainly through song, just as the Norwegian Society had done through literary works. However, as the years went by, the program expanded in include songs from all corners of the world, especially American songs. Today our program consists of about 60 to 70 percent Scandinavian songs, with emphasis on old traditional and patriotic works, folk, and religious songs, as well as sing-along songs.


The Everett Norwegian Male Chorus performs primarily in churches, senior and retirement homes, fairs and similar places, all in preparation for the yearly “Sangerfest,” a concert performed by all choruses of the Pacific Coast Norwegian Singers Association, guest choruses, and soloists.

The Everett Norwegian Male Chorus hosted the very first Sangerfest in 1903, and it has been the host chorus 12 times since, the last time in 2008.


We rehearse every Wednesday at 7:00 pm at:

Normanna Hall
2725 Oakes Avenue
Everett, Washington

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