The Dewdrop

Music: Gunstein Draugedalen (1946 – )
TTBB Arrangement: Peter F. Butler Jr.
Lyrics: Oddmund Haugen (1951 – )
Translation: Dr. Alf Lunder Knudsen

I’m only a small and weak drop of dew
Which lies trembling on a leaf.
I don’t live longer than through the morning
Then I drift from land and disappear.
You created me, Lord, and gave me a calling
To work in your vineyard.
See the dewdrop glows when light gets in,
As Divine adornment it shines.

I live in mercy and safety with You
From dawn till the evening sun sets.
The rays you send are warm and
Helps me on the dark trail.
I know I must fall to the ground someday
When trembling wind takes me away.
Then I travel home to the Heavenly land
And give thanks for everything You have done.