Vi er sangere
We Are Singers

Music: Music Finn Skottner (1907 – 1983)
Lyrics: Reidar Rinnan (1902 – ?)
Translation: Dr. Alf Lunder Knudsen

We are singers with all our hearts, soul, life and minds
Each one of us a part that makes a male chorus.
The song is our banner and we lift it towards the sky,
The song is dear to us. The song is our friend, our strength
Honoring the song is our fame.

We are proud of our singer’s banner, it is pretty, hale and blue
And its motto urges us to stand together for our cause
The song’s weapon we have fastened
in the golden oak-wreath, so urge us on, yes lift us.
Handsome banner we with pride freshly cheer a bold hurrah!

Faithfully we will together practice during the year
Agreed, united we will stand, our goal blinking
We will try the fair singer’s goal to reach.
And for the struggle we get the reward
In the pleasure the song gives,
Then forward, yes bold and happy.
We will blend, like singers we will give a bold hurrah!